SWS Conference & Exhibition 2019

Call for Abstracts

Call for Abstracts

Call for Speakers and Poster Presenters to the Storm Water Solutions Conference & Exhibition 2019

Abstract submissions now closed

You are invited to participate in the Storm Water Solutions Conference & Exhibition 2019, being held November 12-14, 2019 at the Tinley Park Convention Center located in Tinley Park, IL.

Our speakers and participants will come from across the United States. All help to create an event that informs, instructs and motivates storm water, erosion control and watershed management practitioners, professionals, and government officials. The conference organizers encourage a multi-disciplinary atmosphere and anticipate a range of participating entities such as local and state government storm water managers, environmental, engineering and legal consulting firms, research organizations, and watershed groups.

Be part of the future of the storm water and erosion control industries. This call invites experts from storm water related organizations and disciplines to submit an abstract to present at the conference and/or provide a poster to display. Demonstration sessions of storm water tools and applications also are encouraged.

Technical Levels for Sessions

Basic: Assumes some knowledge of the technical concepts/features
Intermediate: Assumes comfort with technical concepts and basic concepts
Advanced: Assumes solid knowledge and technical skills

Topics for the Technical Sessions at the Conference
  • • Monitoring, Inspection, and Maintenance
  • • Modeling and Research
  • • Storm Water Practices and BMPs Planning and Design
  • • Agriculture and Storm Water Management
  • • Stream and Wetlands Restoration
  • • Storm Water Retrofits
  • • Green Infrastructure
  • • Industrial Storm Water Management
  • • MS4 Program Management
  • • Erosion Control
  • • Watershed Planning
  • • CSO/SSO/I&I
  • • Legal Issues in Storm Water/Watershed Management
  • • Managing Storm Water in Transportation Projects
  • • Communications/PR in the Storm Water Sector

Monitoring, Modeling and Research focuses on the latest advancements in the storm water management field. Relevant topics include:

  • • Storm water practice performance
  • • New storm water & watershed research
  • • Applications of hydrologic, hydraulic or other models at differing scales
  • • Monitoring of hydrology, water quality or other parameters in storm water runoff, streams etc.

Storm Water Practice Planning and Design addresses effective storm water practices, their design and implementation. These should be broadly functional and detail the methods and approaches used. Relevant topics include:

  • • Practices incorporating TMDL goals such as treating nutrients, baseflow or thermal impacts
  • • Site designs with extended flow paths and time of concentration
  • • Storm water management integrated with site planning and building design
  • • Storm water master planning at a neighborhood or watershed scale
  • • Improved construction site controls
  • • Innovative designs, including rainwater harvesting, bioretention and permeable pavements

Storm Water and MS4 Program Management addresses storm water management program initiatives and tools that address the six minimum control measures. Relevant topics include:

  • • Municipal operation and maintenance program for post-construction practices
  • • Storm water utility development and operation
  • • Education developed for targeted audiences and pollution problems
  • • Investigating and resolving illicit discharges
  • • Storm water program legal issues
  • • Erosion control
  • • Budgeting and funding strategies
  • • Asset and information management

Watershed Planning, Implementation and Restoration addresses watershed planning and stream restoration and protection actions. Relevant topics include:

  • • Watershed and natural resource assessment tools and methods
  • • Erosion control
  • • Approaches for TMDL compliance and watershed implementation plan development
  • • Pollution credit trading
  • • Stream, wetland and upland restoration projects