SWS Conference & Exhibition 2019

2019 Conference Exhibitors

AquaShield Inc.

AquaShield Inc. brings years of experience in providing treatment solutions for impaired water resources. The company manufactures a variety of patented products to address most storm water treatment needs within a community or municipality. Its products are custom-engineered to meet site-specific requirements, and its in-house engineers provide personal consultation to help choose the best treatment solution for a community. The company's line of patented storm water treatment products provides several different levels of storm water treatment.
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Baker Tilly Municipal Advisors

Baker Tilly provides timely, independent, meaningful and actionable financial guidance for public sector organizations. We help community leaders resolve the financial issues they face as they work to improve the quality of life in their communities. As experienced advisors, our specialized team works closely with you to develop comprehensive solutions driven by data and rooted in best practice — helping you win today and anticipate tomorrow. Let's face the future, together.
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Bio Clean Environmental

20 years providing industry leading Stormwater treatment solutions. Whether you want to remove Phosphorus, TSS, Trash, Hydrocarbons, Metals, Bacteria we have you covered. Our UrbanPond is the latest innovation in underground detention / retention / infiltration / harvesting.
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Christopher B. Burke Enginnering

Christopher B. Burke Engineering, Ltd. is a full-service company that comprehensively meets the needs of both private and public sector clients. Our staff of over 207 and expansive list of specializations—civil, municipal, transportation, water resources, mechanical, structural, construction, traffic, surveying, environmental engineering and environmental resource services—provide professionalism and expertise that promote success.
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www.cbbel.com | www.cbbel-in.com

GreenBlue Urban

At GreenBlue Urban, we're all about sustainable cities - environmentally sustainable, economically sustainable, and socially sustainable. To us, that means creating urban spaces where people want to live, work, and visit. We work every day to help landscape architects and civil engineers accomplish this through the successful design and implementation of green and blue infrastructure. More specifically, we facilitate beneficial ecosystems, allowing trees planted in hard surfaces to reach their full potential. Our research stems back to 1992, when we first introduced ArborSystem to the market. Since then, we have helped over 450,000 trees in their battle to establish in urban areas, with the goal of drastically improving urban planting success and increasing leaf canopy in our cities, in order for our urban forests to bestow all the benefits that they offer. What else would you expect from the company that invented the world's first soil cell.
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Hydro International

Hydro International Ltd. a global supplier of environmentally sustainable solutions and innovative products for the control and treatment of stormwater, wastewater and combined sewer overflows. Hydro's products use a range of advanced technologies including award-winning advanced vortex technology. Headquartered in Clevedon, England Hydro also operates in the UK from offices in Ely, Cambridgeshire as well as across the US from bases in Portland, Maine and Hillsboro, Oregon. The Group has a growing presence outside of its core US and UK markets in Ireland, Egypt, Middle East, European Union, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Korea, Australia and New Zealand.
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Illinois American Society of Landscape Artists

The American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) was organized in 1899 as the first professional organization for landscape architects. Today, almost 18,000 landscape architects in public, private and academic practice nationwide are members for the ASLA. Illinois has one of the largest chapters of ASLA in the nation with almost 500 members.
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Kuert Concrete

Kuert Concrete is proud to introduce Percoa. Percoa is a patented, precast pervious concrete paver and slab that offers exceptional strength with low impact development installation and immediate usability. It is environmentally friendly, durable, versatile, cost-effective, and can be used for new construction or to retrofit existing concrete or asphalt surfaces. Percoa answers many of today's green storm water infrastructure issues with a phenomenal infiltration rate and minimal maintenance when compared to its permeable counterpart.
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Medora Corporation

Medora Corporation combines innovative water quality solutions with top notch manufacturing and nationwide in-field service capabilties to create trusted, full circle support their Customers trust and depend on. We design & manufacture GridBee®, SolarBee®, ResidualHQ©, and AerationPlus© brand equipment and have thousands of installations throughout the United States & Canada. Medora Corporation continues to be the industry leader solving reservoir water quality problems the world over.
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Motz Enterprises, Inc.

Flexamat® is a permanent erosion control mat utilized for stabilizing slopes, channels, low water crossings, inlet/outlet protection, and shorelines. Tied Concrete Block Mat is a generic term for Flexamat®. It consists of concrete blocks (6.5" x 6.5" with a 2.25" profile) locked together and embedded into a high strength geogrid. There is 1.5" spacing between the blocks that give the mat flexability and allows for optional vegetation growth. The mat is packaged in rolls, making transporting and installing Flexamat® efficient. It is manufactured with various underlayments, determined by onsite conditions.
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Norwalk Concrete Industries

Norwalk Concrete Industries is a custom manufacturer of precast concrete products which includes: Commercial, industrial, residential applications including electrical, communication, natural gas, utility, highway and water or wastewater treatment applications. Norwalk Concrete Industries is designated as a NPCA certified plant and meets ASTM standards.
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Oldcastle Infrastructure

Oldcastle Infrastructure is the leading provider of building materials, products and services for infrastructure projects to several market sectors nationwide, including: Building Structures, Communications, Energy, Transportation and Water. Building on years of experience and innovation, we offer a complete line of proprietary storm water detention, retention, infiltration, treatment and harvesting solutions as well as custom precast drainage and conveyance products.



Prinsco is built on core values and focused on the future of water management. Our products are designed, manufactured and tested to meet the high-performance needs of today's stormwater market. We offer a full portfolio of premium products that create engineered solutions for all types of projects and needs around stormwater collection, conveyance, treatment, and storage.
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Proshot Concrete is a leader in the Concrete Restoration and Emergency Pipe Lining Industry. Our team consists of Contractors and Engineers who have specialized in Concrete Renovation and Restoration for over 80 years using the application of Gunite, Shotcrete and Pressure Grout as well as more traditional methods of concrete construction. This combined knowledge and a vast array of skills give Proshot Concrete the ability to tackle the most difficult projects with unique and original solutions. Proshot also offers a wide range of emergency rehabilitation solutions to municipalities and industrial businesses dealing with aging infrastructures.
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R.A. Smith, Inc.

Municipal and private development engineers, ecologists, surveyors, landscape architects and construction professionals with offices in Wisconsin, Illinois and California, serving clients nationwide. Extensive water resources and floodplain management capability for stormwater management services; authorized PermiTrack Business Partner for online MS4 administration and ESC inspection applications.
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Roads & Bridges

Roads & Bridges magazine, a 111-year trade publication, is published by Scranton Gillette Communications. It is the leading business-to-business media brand covering the transportation, construction and maintenance marketplace.
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SOX Erosion Solutions LLC

SOX Erosion Solutions manufactures and distributes a suite of patented bio-engineered erosion control solutions that are stable, long-lasting and compliant with all BMP's of living shoreline erosion control systems.
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Storm Water Solutions

Storm Water Solutions magazine is published by Scranton Gillette Communications. It is the leading business-to-business media brand covering the storm water and erosion control industry.
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StormGUARDen™ is a patent-pending water harvesting system that is placed above-ground at the bottom of the downspout, providing water quality and a 350 gallon capture area in one footprint. StormGUARDen is low-maintenance, space-saving and an ADA accessible garden.
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Water & Wastes Digest

Water & Wastes Digest magazine is published by Scranton Gillette Communications. It is the leading business-to-business media brand covering the municipal water and wastewater treatment industry.
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